Benefits of SMS Marketing in 2016

If you are one of those business people or work in the marketing department of any company who uses SMS marketing technique – would aptly aware of its benefits. But, if you are one of that business owner of marketing individual who heard about it, however, never tried it. In that case are indeed missing out on something worth utilizing – as far as current day ages effective marketing is concerned.

If we talk about that how SMS marketing would benefit than an earlier year it might not change drastically – but its effectiveness can be boosted via executing it through unique ideas. The salient features of SMS marketing are almost known to every marketer, which includes instant, affordable, personalized, accessible and bring customers engagement.

The question here is what else can be extracted out of SMS marketing by the marketers who are already using it or thinking of utilizing in 2016. The benefits of SMS marketing in the year 2016 can be the below-mentioned ones.

Boost your business customer engagement leading to sales and finally, hike in revenues by implementing these marketing strategies for SMS marketing in the year 2016.

More Call-To-Action Campaigns

For people who do not aware of what call to SMS action campaigns is it is basically when a particular marketing SMS is being sent to a group of customers by any brand. The call-to-action message asks the recipient to follow certain steps to take part in some contest. This game eventually gives some gift hampers to the winners – at the end of the fight. This particular technique can be benefited from in the year 2016 by any brand or business owner – which will boost customer engagement.

Offer Extra Incentives

The customers love to have more and more discounts and like to shop at the brand store who offers extra incentives. So, in the year 2016, any business or brand can boost their sales and eventually profits via offering discounts like up to 20%-30% off and end of the season, clearance sale – like most clothing, shoes brands already do.

Formulate a Proper Strategy

This is one of the essential things to keep in view that does o extract maximum benefits out of SMS marketing – by doing it through proper strategy. For that, you need to put together an ark kind of policy that would bring actual benefits of SMS marketing after your campaigns. It’s also important to formulate a proper strategy and set a certain objective that you want to attain after SMS marketing. These goals could be more customer engagement, a boost in sales, hike in profits and making your business a well reputed recognizable brand.

Ending Thoughts

Thus, the benefits of SMS marketing in 2016 depends on the client’s strategy that how they utilize this great instant, affordable marketing medium. Therefore, any of the marketers already using or thinking about it, try to put in complete attention to detail and do SMS marketing heartily – not just for the sake of doing it.

Make People Aware of Your Mood Swings with Status Messages


Are you one of those people who use WhatsApp excessively, but not want to answer everybody’s instant message – because of your instant mood swings. Then you should start making use of status messages features, for the reason that this feature is meant for this type of users. As the feature lets the user put across its state of mind, so that every user should know about it before sending you an instant message to know what’s up with you. But, for letting others know exactly about what you are up to via your posted status messages – it’s important that you make appropriate statuses in accordance with it. And it’s not at all difficult to do so; you just need to concentrate a little bit to be able to craft a fitting status message to let other contacts know about your frame of mind.
So, if you truly want to get rid of annoying people, to know that you are not in the mood to have conversions with them over WhatsApp and then let them know with an apt status message. Furthermore, this will also put you in an accurate position to explain to them regarding any incident when they sent you instant messages, but you didn’t respond at all – by saying to them that you had posted a reason why you can’t make the reply. Therefore, to be in the comfort zone by posting status messages complimenting your mood while being online on most popular communication Smartphone app around. Additionally, apt status posting aid you to create a DP with these funny statuses and set as your profile picture.
Furthermore, if you can’t always make status messages regarding your mood, you can always utilize the benefit of online available countless status messages. You can easily make use of attitude status messages and other English status messages resembling your mood and post them onto your profile. This is the easiest way to showcase your state of mind or say the mood in front of all your WhatsApp contacts in the form of status messages.
Wrapping Up:
Thus, why not this amazing handy feature of status messages for WhatsApp and start enlightening people with whom you sometimes don’t want to interact with on the platform. This will provide you an easy way out to avoid making the reply to everyone’s message – even of those you don’t like.