Party Wear Dresses in Pakistan 2019 – 5 Latest Ideas

Party Wear Dresses in Pakistan

It is really true about a party event which excites all. The preparations for the party are done on a very large level, especially by girls. The arrival of any functions bring the questions and anxieties about what to wear? It is the very first thing comes to the mind of girls and they start searching rapidly about the latest trends and fashions according to the event.

Either any type of party is going to be held, here are some of the best ideas about party outfits. These would help you greatly to choose the right thing for you in accordance with the new styles and fashions. Let’s have a look at the suggestions and decide a look which suits your taste and choice.


You need to make a choice in which you look decent, elegant and beautiful at the same time. Which outfit will give such a look at the party? Beautiful gown in silk, chiffon or in any other fabrics in decent colors and different stitched styles is really a good priority of girls. Through this, a very desirable look according to the party event could be attained. The best designers of Pakistan have introduced many beautiful gowns which gives you the variety among which you can choose. Gowns are among the most desirable and preferable style for a party function.

GOWNS Party Wear Dress in Pakistan


If a party is around the corner then look classy and stylish by wearing bell-bottom with a short shirt or short frock. The fashion of bell-bottoms has come back with the remarkable popularity in the fashion world. It has become a choice to give a most decent and perfect look to you. If you have chosen it to wear in a part with some formal looks and vibrant colors then get ready to look trendy and attractive. Many bell-bottom styles are here to excite you with different shirts and tops from which you need to choose now!

BELL-BOTTOMS Party Wear in Pakistan

Cigarette Trousers with Shirts

Add charms and style to your personality and look classy on the party with cigarette trouser along with different styled medium shirts. It is becoming very trendy and you are available with many options about styles and colors by the designers. On a party day, you can get a highly attractive look through this outfit style with some fancy look. You can choose fresh and light as well as dark colors while making different combinations in this style. It is appreciating on a large level for major functions and parties.

Palazzos with Short Kurtis

Take a turn to something new and most stylish look by wearing palazzo with a short shirt or top. It is the easiest to carry and classiest to look among all. It is something new and apart from traditional for those who are fed up of the same styles and want to look stylish in an actual sense. It is the best party wear style where many colors and designs in this style are available for you by many designers. This style is highly in demand for the party and other major events. You will get a sophisticated look by choosing this, definitely!


Tulip Shalwars with Short Shirts

Have a traditional look with an amalgamation of modernity in it. Combined medium shirt with a boot-cut shalwar which in a fancy look will help you to attain a modern as well as the traditional look on a party day. You need to choose this style with the right colors and stuff. It is something different and exciting to wear and highly demanded by girls in current time. The style icons and celebrities are also choosing it on a large level. A suitable makeup with beautiful jewellery will help to give you an ethnic and exclusive look.



Here the variety of styles are available, now it is your turn to choose. I think you have already chosen one of the above mentioned latest styles to wear to a party! The latest and exclusive styles are shared with you which will enhance the charms and glamour of your overall look. You will have a sophisticated appearance without any doubt by adopting the best ideas for you. Stay connected for more updates!

SA Garden Payment Plans; Sher Zaman & Faisal Abid, Charagh, Badar Block

SA Gardens has different blocks and all of them are fully developed and facilitated with the uninterrupted electricity, gas and water supply. All the blocks have centrally located mosques and commercial areas. The central parks and landscaped wide network of roads add more beauty to the location. Some blocks have no spare plot and are fully sold. Here, I am going to discuss the blocks where you can get a plot. All of the blocks have different plot sizes and prices. So, I am describing all of the payment plans here.

Sher Zaman & Faisal Block

These blocks are located in Phase II of SA Garden. Here, the properly cut and developed residential and commercial plots are available. These blocks have all necessities and facilities to live in a comfortable life. Here is the payment plan for these two blocks of Phase II.

Plot Size Price Booking (20%) Installment plan Duration Factors for Increase in Prices
3 Marla 6,90,000 Rs 1,38,000 Rs 30,667 Rs monthly installment, 92,000 Rs Quarterly installment (6 installments) 18 months Installment plan Facing corner and Facing Park increases the price up to 10%
5 Marla 11,50,000 Rs 2,30,000 Rs 51,111 Rs monthly installment, 1,53,333 Rs Quarterly installment (6 installments) 18 Installments plan Facing corner and Facing Park increases the price up to 10%
10 Marla 30,00,000 Rs 6,00,000 Rs 1,33,333 Rs monthly installment, 4,00,000 Rs Quarterly installment (6 installments) 18 months installments plan Facing Park and Facing Corner increases the price up to 10%

Abid Block

Abid Block is located in Phase II of the society. It has all of the facilities and luxuries you desire in a modern society. Following is its payment plan.

Plot Rate/Marla Price Payment on Booking (20%) Monthly Installment Biannual Installment Factors for increase in Prices
3 Marla 3,00,000 Rs 9,00,000 Rs 1,80,000 Rs 16,800 Rs Monthly Installment (25 months payment plan) 60,000 Rs (5 Biannual Installments) Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%
3.25 Marla 3,00,000 Rs 9,75,000 Rs 1,95,000 Rs 18,200 Rs Monthly Installment (25 Months payment plan) 65,000 Rs (5 Biannual installments) Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%
4 Marla 3,00,000 Rs 12,00,000 Rs 2,40,000 Rs 22,400 Rs Monthly Installment (25 months payment plan) 80,000 Rs (5 Biannual Installments) Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%
5 Marla 3,00,000 Rs 15,00,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 28,000 Rs Monthly Installment (25 months payment plan) 1,00,000 Rs (5 Biannual installments) Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%
5.5 Marla 3,00,000 Rs 16,50,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 30,800 Rs Monthly installment (25 monthly installments) 1,10,000 Rs (5 Biannual Installments) Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%

Charagh Block

Charagh Block is also located in Phase II of SA Gardens. It is fully developed. All of the modern amenities and facilities are available here. The green surrounding and serene atmosphere are its vital features. The Charagh block offers 6 and 8 Marla plots for the investors.

Plot On Cash (Total Price of Plot) On Installment Total Price of Plot) Booking (20 %) Monthly Installment Duration Factors for Increase in Price
6 Marla 16,50,000 Rs 18,72,000 Rs 3,74,400 Rs 83,200 Rs 18 Months Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%
8 Marla 26,00,000 Rs 30,00,000 Rs 6,00,000 Rs 1,33,333 Rs 18 Months Facing Park, Facing Corner increases the price 10%

Badar Block

Badar Block is still under development, but the development process is going on without interruption. It is the most modern block that is known as “Executive Block” of SA Gardens. It has been planned with all of the modern luxuries you could never imagine. The inhabitants will enjoy the royal lifestyle in affordable price. The SA Garden is offering 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots in nominal rates.

Plot Price On Cash Price on Installments Booking (20%) Monthly Installment Duration Factors for Increase in Price
3.3 Marla 7,42,500 Rs 8,25,000 Rs 1,65,000 Rs 27,500 Rs 24 Months Facing Park, Facing Corner increases 10% price
5 Marla 11,25,000 Rs 12,50,000 Rs 2,50,000 Rs 41,667 Rs 24 Months Facing Park, Facing Corner increases 10% price
10 Marla 35,00,000 Rs 40,00,000 Rs 80,00,000 Rs 1,33,333 Rs 24 Months Facing Park, Facing Corner increases 10% price

Terms & Conditions

  • The plots near to the Joyland or Commercial area will be charged 15% higher price.
  • The management offers 10% discount on the cash payment.
  • The management is authorized to change the prices of the plots anytime.
  • The installment plan does not include the development charges.
  • The allottee needs to get society’s permission to sell or transfer his plot to anyone else. However, after the clearance of the outstanding dues to the society, the transferring process can be completed.
  • The society will charge you 2% transfer fee for the transfer of plot or the property file.
  • The society is authorized to stop the construction work on any plot if the construction is not according to the society planning.

Master City Phase 2 Gujranwala Overseas Block Pre-Launching

Master City Housing Scheme Gujranwala

Are you looking for house and plot at cheap prices? You want to invest your money in the safe place then you are in the right place. Here we tell you about the grand pre-launching of The Master City Gujranwala’s Phase 2, This Master City is also known as the overseas block. It held today on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. 200 plus people are invited. The owner of Master Ball Pens and CEO of Master City Sheikh Maqsood has invited big personalities of Pakistan and industrialists. The fabulous society is offering the new chance to investors for investing money. Over Seas, Buyers get a chance to buy plots at cheap prices. After the successful completion of The Master City Gujranwala’s Phase 1, Mr Sheikh Maqsood done inauguration of the phase 2 on Tuesday.

Master city se 2 ceremony pahopening

It is the best time to buy plots and this investment is 100% safe and secure. They have residential and commercial all plots for all purpose. Hurry up and book your plot in the wonderful location. In The Master City, Gujranwala’s they have 24/7 security system, schools for kids, colleges and universities for girls & boys, fun lands, children parks, Mosque, Museum, Hotels & Restaurants for hygienic food, Movie cinemas with 9 screen, playland, 24 hours emergency hospital, fitness gyms and many other facilities. In phase 2 they have all sizes of plots like 5 Marla (25 x45), 7 Marla (30 x52), 10 Marla (35 x65), 1-Kanal (50 x90) and 2-Kanal (75 Fx120). You can select the Marla according to your budget.

They are offering easy price plan, for this easy price plan you can visit its official website and head office. Must visit Master City Gujranwala, C Block Marquee for plots booking. Master City Housing Scheme is a mega project for the people of Gujranwala, and great opportunity to enhance your business and fantabulous site for residence. After the completion of phase 1, they have A block, B block, B1 block, C block, C1 block, D block, and the D1 block in The Master City Housing Scheme phase 2. Perfect place for wonderful people. 5 Marla plot file booking has been started whose price is Rs.1,300,000 per file, the charges of development has been included, no hidden charges. Must visit the site for booking.

For Plot Booking Contact:

0336 0419999

How To Choose Best LED TV For Your Home & Office

Technology has changed the lifestyle of people and with advancement in technology we are enjoying some great miracles. LED TVs are one of those miracles which made our lives more fun and enjoyable. LED TV is a new term in the world of smart television and you can just enjoy as your smartphone or Laptop with a bigger screen. Technology lovers who love to keep new gadgets and devices at their homes and offices will be looking for LED TV for this New Year. The new LED Televisions are available with best picture quality and video experience which you never had before. These TVs are a great option to invest your money in these days if you love new gadgets, but before selecting or buying any LED TV, you will have to keep few points in your mind to choose best LED TV Pakistan for your home and Office.

Tips For Buying Best LED TV

Buying a new LED TV is a fun and awesome experience, but it can be con fused when you have high-quality brands in the market, marketing of manufacturers, statements by sales staff and promotion over social media. These all factors can put in the confusion that what is right according to your needs or what extra features you can find in specific products? Because every company is advertising its products by telling about remarkable features, so how to know that whether those features are available in product or not?

1: Product Knowledge

When you are going to buy an LED TV be sure that you have complete knowledge about that product and what are the features you are getting from that and check your requirements too. There are many brands in the market which claimed to be LEDs, but they are not as they usually use the system backlighting similar to the regular TVs which you already have at your home. The intensity of light will not be the same which LED TVs can provide you.

2: Wall Mounted

When you have decided about the brand of LED, the second thing you should check that it will be mounted on the wall of your home with some other things needs to be considered. Wall mounted LED TV will be thinner than the regular television, which is typically mounted on the wall. So you need to pay particular attention that you choose proper brackets for wall mounting.

3: Final 3 C’s

It is the final decision you need to make about buying LED TV in which you will consider 3 C’s. 3 C’s represents to three things Color, Clarity, Contrast and all these three factors are necessary for perfect, clear, colorful as well as a bright picture so that you can distinguish between dark color or light color. It is important to point because you can enjoy the action of Movie, Sport or Game.

Buying a new LED TV is not a small investment so never take it lightly and do proper research on the brand, product, and features before buying. For better understanding you can read different reviews available on the internet which will make it easy for you to make a decision.

Benefits of SMS Marketing in 2016

If you are one of those business people or work in the marketing department of any company who uses SMS marketing technique – would aptly aware of its benefits. But, if you are one of that business owner of marketing individual who heard about it, however, never tried it. In that case are indeed missing out on something worth utilizing – as far as current day ages effective marketing is concerned.

If we talk about that how SMS marketing would benefit than an earlier year it might not change drastically – but its effectiveness can be boosted via executing it through unique ideas. The salient features of SMS marketing are almost known to every marketer, which includes instant, affordable, personalized, accessible and bring customers engagement.

The question here is what else can be extracted out of SMS marketing by the marketers who are already using it or thinking of utilizing in 2016. The benefits of SMS marketing in the year 2016 can be the below-mentioned ones.

Boost your business customer engagement leading to sales and finally, hike in revenues by implementing these marketing strategies for SMS marketing in the year 2016.

More Call-To-Action Campaigns

For people who do not aware of what call to SMS action campaigns is it is basically when a particular marketing SMS is being sent to a group of customers by any brand. The call-to-action message asks the recipient to follow certain steps to take part in some contest. This game eventually gives some gift hampers to the winners – at the end of the fight. This particular technique can be benefited from in the year 2016 by any brand or business owner – which will boost customer engagement.

Offer Extra Incentives

The customers love to have more and more discounts and like to shop at the brand store who offers extra incentives. So, in the year 2016, any business or brand can boost their sales and eventually profits via offering discounts like up to 20%-30% off and end of the season, clearance sale – like most clothing, shoes brands already do.

Formulate a Proper Strategy

This is one of the essential things to keep in view that does o extract maximum benefits out of SMS marketing – by doing it through proper strategy. For that, you need to put together an ark kind of policy that would bring actual benefits of SMS marketing after your campaigns. It’s also important to formulate a proper strategy and set a certain objective that you want to attain after SMS marketing. These goals could be more customer engagement, a boost in sales, hike in profits and making your business a well reputed recognizable brand.

Ending Thoughts

Thus, the benefits of SMS marketing in 2016 depends on the client’s strategy that how they utilize this great instant, affordable marketing medium. Therefore, any of the marketers already using or thinking about it, try to put in complete attention to detail and do SMS marketing heartily – not just for the sake of doing it.

Make People Aware of Your Mood Swings with Status Messages


Are you one of those people who use WhatsApp excessively, but not want to answer everybody’s instant message – because of your instant mood swings. Then you should start making use of status messages features, for the reason that this feature is meant for this type of users. As the feature lets the user put across its state of mind, so that every user should know about it before sending you an instant message to know what’s up with you. But, for letting others know exactly about what you are up to via your posted status messages – it’s important that you make appropriate statuses in accordance with it. And it’s not at all difficult to do so; you just need to concentrate a little bit to be able to craft a fitting status message to let other contacts know about your frame of mind.
So, if you truly want to get rid of annoying people, to know that you are not in the mood to have conversions with them over WhatsApp and then let them know with an apt status message. Furthermore, this will also put you in an accurate position to explain to them regarding any incident when they sent you instant messages, but you didn’t respond at all – by saying to them that you had posted a reason why you can’t make the reply. Therefore, to be in the comfort zone by posting status messages complimenting your mood while being online on most popular communication Smartphone app around. Additionally, apt status posting aid you to create a DP with these funny statuses and set as your profile picture.
Furthermore, if you can’t always make status messages regarding your mood, you can always utilize the benefit of online available countless status messages. You can easily make use of attitude status messages and other English status messages resembling your mood and post them onto your profile. This is the easiest way to showcase your state of mind or say the mood in front of all your WhatsApp contacts in the form of status messages.
Wrapping Up:
Thus, why not this amazing handy feature of status messages for WhatsApp and start enlightening people with whom you sometimes don’t want to interact with on the platform. This will provide you an easy way out to avoid making the reply to everyone’s message – even of those you don’t like.